Saturday, September 8, 2012

North Country Run 50 Miler Race Report

First of all, I want to thank Jami, my wife and best friend for putting up with all the time that I spent running to get to this point and to be able to train to tackle my first 50 mile race. All those weekends where I would be gone for 4-6hrs at a time running.
I am forever grateful.

Where to begin... 11 months ago, I remember telling Jami that I wouldn’trun unless I was running for my life or behind a dog (we show German Shepherd Dogs). One month later, I had a change of heart and started running.  My friend Scott from Chicago ran the Chicago marathon and I was quite inspired by his efforts.
Upon starting my running journey I met Jesse who I asked to coach me.  He was a recent college gradand is a ultra running stud. After the first of the year, I knew I wanted to do an ultra marathon and talked about entering the North Country 50 Miler.  So back in April I signed up.

My wife, our four kids, and myself headed up to Wellston on Friday afternoon for the weekend.  We rented a cabin on the Little Manistee River about 3mi away from the Big M wherethe race was being held.
We went straight to the Big M so that I could pick up my packet for the race the next day.
I dropped the family off at the cabin and got them settled in and then I headed over to where Jesse was camping. I wanted to say hi and visit for bit before the race the next day.  I chatted with Jesse over a beer… he was telling me about running the Leadville 100 the week before.
I headed back to the cabin about 930p and ended up in bed about 11p reading and finally falling asleep about 12a.
Had the alarm set for 6a and finally crawled out of bed about 6:15a.
Got dressed and had my usual big bowl of oats with strawberries,blueberries, raspberries and bananas with unsweetened almond milk.  YUM!! Jami and the kids jumped in the car at about 7 and they dropped me off by 7:15 for a 7:40a start time.  The family headed back to the cabin to eat breakfast before coming over to the park to catch me at aid station 4 (13mi mark).

I stood around for a bit talking to folks as the marathon that was supposed to start at 7:20 was delayed due to a downed tree on the trail.  They finally started the marathon about10 minutes or so late.  We figured the 50 miler would start 20 minutes later to allow for the marathon runners to get far enough down the trail… but we were wrong.  We were standing around talking and one of the guys looked up and said “hey, they just started the ultra!!”.  Oh crap… I wasn’t even ready.  So I quickly ran over to my bag and took my sweatshirt and t-shirt off and stuffed them in my bag and grabbed my water bottle and visor.  I quickly ran to the back of the pack starting the ultra and over the first mile I made my way to the front, about 15 people ahead of me yet.  My first ultra and I missed the actual start of the race.  But that’s the beauty of a long distance race is that itdidn’t matter.  Its not a 5k where everyone is sprinting from the start.

The first 3-4 miles were some work.  There were a lot of people on the trail so there was a lot of passing of slower people.  After the first aid station at about mile 3.5 I ran with a guy from Adrian and chatted with him about life and family for a few miles.  Real nice guy, he ended up finishing 7thoverall.

I hit the 8 mile aid station and stopped for the first time to fill my water bottle and set out back on the trail. I didn’t stop for long at the aid, I didn’t want to lose to much time and this early I didn’t need it.  The next 6 miles I pretty much ran without seeing to many people.  At one point I passed someone and they told me that I was in about 15thplace.  By that time there was no way that I would see any of those people ahead of me again.  I was looking forward to getting to the 14mile aid station because Jami and the kids would be there to see me.  We drove to the 14mile aid station thenight before so Jami would know where it was and so I had an idea of what to look for.  When I was running and coming into the aid I was totally disoriented and didn’t even think I was at the right place… I asked the first person I saw if this was aid station 4 and before I got an answer I saw some familiar faces.  It was Jami and the kids cheering and clapping for me.  They helped me refill my water bottle and sent me off.  It was a quickstop but energizing to see them.

After mile 14 things started to get pretty tough.  Just coming out of aid station 4 Ipassed a guy and a girl who were running together.  They stuck to me like glue and we had a little train going on.  I never realized how taxing it was to lead a pack like that.  It was more mentally challenging than physical but it had a toll on the physical as well.  I was constantly having to make sure that I was keeping pace and not slowing them down or myself.  We ran like this for well over 7miles…them just hugging my tail trailing along. Finally I think I either slowed down or they just got sick of running behind me so they passed me and took off. I didn’t bother trying to keep up with them and just kind of dropped my pace quite a bit.  This was also where the trail started to get quite hilly and tough so the slower pace was welcomed.  About mile 21 or so I looked up and a head of me on the trail was Jesse.  He scored a free last minute entry into the Marathon so he decided to run it.  He was walking with a friend.  I came up on them and chatted for a minute and then pressed on.  After the next and last aid station at mile 23.5 Jesse ended up passing me and took off.  He did have to be back at the start/ finish to help crew for me when I got there.
The last 4 miles of the first loop were pretty rough and seemed like it took forever.   

I got into the start/ finish at about 4hrs 18min.  Not a bad pace for wanting to finish inthe sub 9 hour mark.  It was fun coming into the start finish because Jami and the kids were there as well as my parents.  Jesse was there to make sure that my stop went smoothly.
I immediately sat down to start changing my shoes.  I wore my Merrell Trail Gloves for the first loop and wanted to switch to a more cushy shoe for the second loop, so I put on my Innov8 245’s.
Jami and the kids refilled my water bottle and Jesse helped me change my shoes.  My quads cramped up really bad and quickly so I stood up to reverse the effect.  I drank a bunch of water and then headed back out for loop two.

Finishing the first 25 miles

Being pampered by Jesse

Shaking out the Quads

The next 4+ miles were rough… it was about noon and the weather was starting to heat up.  Temps reaching into the high 80’s, low 90’s with that lovely Michigan humidity.  So once you piled on the heat, the fact that I probably ran that first 25 miles to fast and my quads were cramping up,I was in rough shape.
I ran/ walked miles 26-28ish to that first aid station.  The aid station couldn’t come fast enough and seemed like it took forever to get there.  I ran into Ronnie who I met before the race in the morning and we were both feeling pretty rough. We came into the 28 mile aid station together.  I needed to get on top of this if I was going to finish strong so my plan was to take all the time I needed at the aids and drink and eat as much as I could.  The whole first loop I was just drinking my EFS mix with water and then plain water atthe aids.  At the 28 mile aid I grabbed a GU and thought I would try that out.  Of all the months training, I have used EFS and Stingers(honey) as nutrition on my long runs but have never tried the GU product.  I picked up a GU at the aid station and it was Vanilla Bean, I ripped it open and squeezed it into my mouth and I immediately gagged and almost threw it up.  I will never try a GU again.  The aid had lots of fruit available so I ate a bunch of blueberries, watermelon, and cantaloupe.  This tasted good and my stomach liked it.   I drank a bunch of waterand then rang out a sponge of ice cold water over my head… this felt amazing.

Heading out of the aid I started running and caught up to a guy and just ran steadily behind him for the next 4 miles.  He was running slower than I would have but hey I was running and not walking.
Finaly getting to the 32 mile aid I stopped and repeated the process.  Lots of water, cantaloupe,and watermelon.  They had peanut butter cookies so I gave them a try but after chewing a few bites I spit it out into the trash.  This just didn’t taste good and it was too much work to chew.  I rang the sponge over my head and set out again on the trail.

I was beginning to feel a lot better now and by the first quarter mile I passed the guy I was running behind. I picked up the pace and got into a zone… this was also the flatter part ofthe trail as well so that helped. I just needed to get to the mile 38 aid station where Jesse was going tomeet up to pace me.  These miles flew by and I was continuing to feel better and better.  I couldn’t wait for the 38 mile aid station to see my family.  This section of the trail I didn’t see anyone and it was very peaceful.  Lots of time to think and relax and just enjoy the moment… running through a beautiful forest with nothing but me and the trail.

I knew I was coming close to the aid station and sure enough, I saw Jami waiting on the trail for me.  She asked if she could run with me to the aid station and of course I said ABSOLUTELY!!  We were about a mile out still.  This was one of the best parts of the whole day… running with Jami.  I got all emotional and started to cry like a hormonal teenage girl.  I was grateful forall the support that Jami and the family were giving me.  At this point I felt like I was floating down the trail with my best friend and love of my life behind me!

Running into AS 4 with Jami behind me
Coming into the aid station, Jesse was there waiting for me ready to run.  The kids and my parents were there cheering and clapping. This was such a great feeling. I stopped and did the usual… downed a bunch of water, ate some watermelon and cantaloupe. And then the sponge shower.  I was feeling unstoppable and great.

Jesse and I set off down the trail to kick the last 12 miles in the teeth.  I ended up leading out with Jesse running behind me.  Having Jesse behind me was the coolest thing… he was very encouraging and knew the trail well.  We ran most of the next 4 miles strong to aid station 5. Coming into the aid, I was pleasantly surprised to see Jami, my parents and the kids again.  I totally didn’t expect to see them again until the finish.  This was great!
We did the usual routine at the aid and then set out on the trail again.
Coming into AS5 with a huge smile on my face surprised to see the Family

This next 8 miles had the most elevation and we did a lot of running the flats, power hiking the up hills and then crashing down the down hills.  We were in a groove and I was feeling strong.  Jesse’s encouragement behind me was invaluable.  I felt like we were floating down the trail and it felt great. 
The last couple of aid stations seemed like they took forever to get tobut they were a welcome oasis in the middle of the forest.
We finally made it to the last aid station with only 1.5 miles to go. In my head I was thinking about only 15+ more minutes left.  I ran like that for the first half mile and then I said screw it and then picked up the pace.  We ran that last mile at what seemed like at a 7min mile pace or better. This was another highlight of the day.  Racing down the trail with every last bit of energy that I had in my body giving it my all for a strong finish. Again I got all emotional and started to tear up thanking Jesse for all the coaching he has done for me over the past 10 months.
Jesse wanted to race me the last 100 yards… I gave chase and then made the turn for the finish line. Jami, my parents and the kids were cheering me on as well as all the people hanging out at the finish.

I finished with a time of 9hours and 28minutes!! I was 3rdplace for my 35-39 age group and 20th overall out of 117 finishers.
I had planned to run for sure in under 10 hours but I really wanted to hit the sub 9hr mark.  I was totally happy with my time especially for my first ever 50 miler and never having to cope with hitting the wall like I did and then recovering.
This whole experience truly was amazing and hard to explain.  I will definitely be doing this again and hopefully sooner than later.

Running for me has been a great change in my life over the past 10months.  I am eating much healthier and I feel fitter than I have ever been in my life.  Spending time running everyday is a welcome break from a busy schedule.  It’s 45min to an hour everyday that I can just turn my brain off and run… no email to answer, no phones ringing, no schedules to keep. I spend most of my time running by myself but have also been able to do some long runs with friends and these are quite enjoyable.  It’s a great way to get to know someone, and there is always something to talk about.
Thanks to Scott S. for letting me run with you on some of my long training runs!

Thanks for reading this very long blog post… I am grateful if you have made it this far.

Run Free!!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Tulip Time Run 10K and the week of 5/30

Monday 4/30 – 59:52 time, 6.18 miles, 9:41 pace, Avg HR 141
Ran 6 miles at RPCC.  Ran in the trusty old Trail Gloves… boy that was nice and familiar.
I got 4.5 miles in and was feeling pretty awesome and was thinking about doing a 4th loop for a total of 7 miles but the sky turned black… I actually started the 4th loop but it started to down pour really heavy and it was lightning very close by. Did I say VERY close by?  I actually was a little scared of getting hit so I turned around on the trail and headed back for the tree cover and back to the van.  Super fun!!

Tuesday 5/1 – 56:57 time, 6.52 miles, 8:44 pace, Avg HR 143, Max HR 177
Pace work at Hope College.  2 mile warm up and then did 4x 800 at a 3:10-3:15 pace.  This went really well.  I think it was intense enough but not crazy over the top.  2 mile cool down.  Felt great!!

Wednesday 5/2 – 52:58 time, 5.14 miles, 10:18 pace, Avg HR 134
RPCC trail.  Nothing special just a lazy trail run.

Thursday 5/3 – 24:02 time, 2.53 miles, 9:29 pace
Today sucked really bad… it was super hot out in the 80’s and very humid.  My 9yr old had a practice 5k that I did with her and her Girls On The Run group for school.  It was more of a Run/Walk. 
I brought her to piano lessons right afterwards and did a quick 2.5 miles while waiting for her.  I felt really slow and didn’t feel right at all.  Not sure what was going on… dehydration or what.

Friday 5/4
Totally blew off running today… still wasn’t feeling right from yesterday.  Plus I didn’t want to push it with the 10k tomorrow.

Saturday 5/5 – 42:40 time, 6.32 miles, 6:47 pace, Avg HR 176, Max HR 184
Wasn’t so sure about this run today… after feeling like crap the past two days I wasn’t sure I wanted to push this race.  I felt ok when I showed up so I figured I would just start running and see how I felt. 
I showed up pretty early to watch my sister in-law and niece run the 5k.  My brother was running the 10k as well.
I walked up to the front of the starting line and chatted with my neighbor for a few minutes and then we were off.  I held back a little bit starting out, I didn’t want to get to carried away like I did with the 5k.  My first mile wasn’t to bad 6:55 but I knew I had to average 6:45 to hit my goal of 42:00.  I wasn’t to worried at this point as I knew that I could still make up for it.  Mile 2 came in at 6:42… right where I want to be, perfect!  I was feeling pretty good and I almost felt like I wasn’t working hard enough.  It was a real comfortable pace.  Mile 3 I slowed up a bit at 6:49… same with mile 4.  I now was kind of worrying a bit that I needed to make up some time.  These were not even or negative splits for sure.  With out knowing ahead of time, mile 5 was all up hill, so this mile was not where I was going to make up time.  7:04 was my pace.  CRAP!!
Coming around the corner though heading into mile six, it was all down hill to the finish line.  Ok, I can kick it hard and make up some time.  That mile ended up being 6:30 but I knew looking at clock that I wasn’t going to make the 42 minutes.  I still kicked it with all I had that last ¼ mile at a 6:13 pace.
My time ended up being 42:40, missed it by 40 seconds L.  I am not sure if the race course was off in distance or my watch but my Garmin read 6.32 miles and a 10k is 6.21.  Either way it wouldn’t have taken me 40 seconds to run that last .10 of a mile.
I ended up 13th overall and 2nd in my 35-39 age group.  There were 2000 people running both events and I would guess about 500 did the 10k.  I was pretty happy with my run but now I am ready to log some miles to get ready for this 50 miler in the end of August.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Week of 4/23-29/12

Monday 4/23 – 1:01:04 time, 6.03 miles, 10:08 pace
Ran 6 miles at RPCC.  Got my new MT110’s today to I of course ran in them wanting to try them out.  WOW!! What a big difference between them and the Merrell Trail Gloves.  The forefoot is so much wider and every step that I took on an un even surface, it would rock my foot one way or another.  By about mile 3, I was about ready to kick off the shoes and run barefoot to complete the run.  I pushed through it and completed the 6 miles in the 110’s.  I could definitely tell the difference on the down hills.  I could go much faster for sure.  Also the 4mm drop took some getting use to.  It felt like I was wearing high heels.

Tuesday 4/24 – 45:11 time, 5.24 miles, 8:37 pace
Ran for 45 minutes… 17 minute warm up and then ran as fast as I could for 30 seconds with a 30 second rest, repeating for 10 minutes.  I was surprised by my pace being about 5:30-6:00 during the hard efforts.  Ran another 17 minutes to cool down. 

Wednesday 4/25 – 33:55 time, 4 .2 miles, 8:04 pace
I set out the front door for an easy 4 mile run... HA!!
I started running at a nice comfortable pace... then I realized I was really cruising along at like a sub 9:00 mile pace... but it felt comfortable.  
My watch beeped at me and the first mile split was 8:12.  I was enjoying this so I said to myself... "Hmm I wonder what kind of 5k time I could do at this effort?".
The next two miles were 7:48 and 7:45.  3.1 miles was 24:29 minutes.
I would say that my effort was very sustainable and if I had to guess on my HR it was probably 155-160bpm.  I left the HR monitor at home... I was going for an easy run and didn't really care what my HR was going to be.  My breathing was very controlled and not taxing at all.

Thursday 4/26 – 48:23 time, 5.98 miles, 8:40 pace
I ran the 1.5 miles to the Compassionate Heart 5K... stood around chatting with my brother and parents for about 30 minutes. 
I started the out at the front of the line and lead the first 1/2 mile.  Then they caught up to me.  I ran with the lead guys for about the first 1.5 miles but once we got to 2-2.5 miles the 3 guys in front of me lead out a good minute or two from me.  
I knew I went out to fast but I wasn't to concerned about it and settled in to a decent rhythm by the first 1/2 mile.  I was watching my HR the whole time and then just watching the mile splits.  I was running a pretty constant 179-180bpm but I noticed my splits were getting about 15sec slower each time.  The last 1/2 mile I felt like I ran it pretty strong and thought that I pushed a little harder but according to the watch, I don't think I did.
I ended up finishing 4th overall and 2nd in my age group (35-39yrs old).  I think if I had it to do over, I would watch the time instead of my HR.  I say that because as I was coming in to the finish I noticed that I was over 20:00 already and I think if I would have check my time during that last mile or half mile I would have realized I needed to push it harder to go sub 20:00.  oh well... next time ;)
I had fun and was pretty satisfied with my time... I still would have liked to have been under 20:00.
I ran the 1.5 miles home about 45 minutes after I finished the race.  This actually felt good on the muscles.

Friday 4/27 – 35:29 time, 3.47 miles, 10:14 pace
Felt pretty good this morning and not sore from running the 5K the night before.
Got back over to RPCC to run some trails.  Just did an easy 3+ miles to shakeout from yesterday.  Ran in the MT110’s again.  They felt a little better and I think I am getting use to them.

Saturday 4/28 – 1:41:33 time, 10 miles, 10:09 pace
Went out to Pigeon Creek for my long run.  Just did a couple of laps for 10 miles.
Pretty easy effort but nothing to slow.  Didn’t consume any calories and felt pretty good the whole time. 
Ran in the MT110’s again to get them broken in.  Running on the trail here was a little better as it is a dirt trail unlike RPCC which is 80% grass.  Really loving the way these feel and love the traction going up and down hills. 
The only issue I discovered was that I had to stop and after just 2.5 miles to get the sand out of my shoes.  After another 7.5 miles, I had about 2 tablespoons of sand in each shoe.  This trail is not that sandy and I am quite disappointed as I am really liking these shoes.  I think I will try and cover up the holes in the toe box where I think the sand is coming through.  We shall see how that works and hopefully it wont make my feet to hot.
Nice long run all in all.

5:25:00 total time
35 miles total
10:08 avg pace total

Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Past Couple Of Weeks

Ok, it’s been 3weeks since I posted last… no real excuses.
The week following the Fools 25K was pretty rough.  I put everything I had into that run and I was shuffling around the house all week paying for it.  The three half flights of stairs in our Multi-level house seemed like 10 flights.
Needless to say, mileage that week was very low… I ran a total of two times but for the most part just rested.

By the start of last week, I was feeling rested and recovered so we hit the miles hard.
It was a pretty great week of running.  Monday being just a nice 5 miler trail run.  It felt great to get out again and relax into a nice run.  Tuesday I did a track work out but nothing to intense.  Wednesday was just a quick 3 miler and Thursday I tackled some hill repeats.  Friday was quick 4 miler and then I did a nice slow run on Saturday of 10 miles.  Except for my track work out, all of my miles that week were on the trail.  Sunday I joined the Holland Gazelle Sports “Dirty Herd” for their weekly run.  We ran at Ridgepoint running a couple loops for nice brisk 5k.  Got to run with Josh who is one of the store managers at Gazelle and was the one who actually fitted me for my Merrell Trail Gloves back in Oct when I started running.  The social run was fun.  I may join them every few weeks or so… I am usually resting on Sundays.
So last week was a 38-mile week. Not bad for jumping back into where I left off before tapering for the Fools run.

This week was interesting.  Monday was quick 3 miles. I planned to do 5 on the trail but I wasn’t feeling good so I cut it short.  I just wasn’t feeling it and I think running 7 straight days the week before was the problem.
Tuesday… BUMP L
Wednesday was supposed to be a quick easy 5 miler, but I ran 7 road miles instead.  They were speedy and it felt great.
Thursday was a Hill work out.  This was great and felt awesome.  I did a nice long 2.5-mile warm up and then 2 miles of Hill Repeats and then another 2.5 miles to cool down.
Friday I hit some quick easy road miles at just a little over 5 miles.
Yesterday I did my long run at Pigeon Creek and put in a nice 12.6 mile run.  The weather was amazing!!  This was a great run.  I didn’t necessarily run it slow but more at a nice sustainable pace and ended up around 9’30” per mile.  The sun was out and it was about 60 degree’s… Sorry to all the trail walkers for the unsightly view you got of me shirtless in short shorts.  I might have blinded you as I went running by because of the sun reflecting off my pasty white skin.

Oh and I officially signed up for the North Country Ultra Marathon the end of August.
I have been wanting to run the 50 miler and was planning on but I kept debating whether I could actually do it or not so I figured the best thing to do was to just get signed up for it so I took it more seriously and made it more real.  I am a huge procrastinator so this felt good to just get signed up and get out of the way.
I have got 4 months to train for this thing and I am super excited to see how things go.  I am thinking right now, and this may be wishful thinking, but that I want to run the 50 somewhere between 8:30 to 9:00 hours.

Week of the 9th

Week of the 16th

Sunday, April 1, 2012

04.01.2012 Fools 50k/ 25k Trail Run

Photo by Beth Ann Miller

Today was the day that I have been working up to… the Fools 50k/ 25k.
Back in November I wanted to find a run about a half marathon distance that I could run in the spring and on a trail.  I was going to do the Trail Half Marathon on the east side of the state the end of April but it turns out that the run was on the same day as my wifes college graduation.  I don’t think I can miss that!
So the next closest thing was the 5/3rd River Bank run but that is a road run.
I did a little searching on the interwebs and came across The Fools 50k in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park in Ohio north of Akron.  Parts of the course are run for the Burning River 100 and after talking with Jesse, he confirmed that the trails were great over there.
January 3rd, registration opened.  They were taking 250 entries.  I signed up right away.

Jesse Scott has been coaching me since December to get me to this point and I gotta say that I am amazed at his knowledge and amazed at how far I have come since October.  The past 3+ weeks I have been seeing my pace drop like crazy.  Back in Nov/ Dec I was running 11:30-12:00 minute miles at 144bpm heart rate.  I am now hitting 8:30-9:00 minute mile at the same heart rate.

I had never run in an organized race before so there were lots of unknowns and firsts for me.  I was pretty confident in my abilities and actually completeing the milage.   The things that were unknown for me, were at what pace could I sustain for a whole 25k… what to do at the starting line… do I run out fast with the front pack or do I go out slow and work my way into a faster pace.  How many Stingers do I take and when, etc…

I showed up, went and got my race packet and checked in.  Stood in line to use the restroom one last time and then we lined up for the pre-race announcements.
I kinda hung out to the side but at the front of the starting line and I decided that I would run out fast for the first few miles.  “GO!!!” and we were off.  I ran with the first dozen guys for the first 2 miles.  I hadn’t looked at my watch on purpose so I didn’t know what I was running pace wise.  It was a little faster than a sustainable pace but I figured it wouldn't kill me for the first few miles.  About mile 3 I settled into a bit slower pace.

I was quite surprised by the elevation and the up and down of the hills… we don’t have hills like this in Michigan that’s for sure.  I felt pretty good and about the 45 minute mark/ 5miles in, I sucked down a Stinger.  I wanted to catch it ahead of time before I felt myself crashing.  This worked and I think I got a bit over confident through miles 6 and 7 because my pace was 8’30” and 7’58”.

I could tell I was needing another pick me up so I took another Stinger at about mile 9.  Mile 10 was slow but 11 and 12 were decent and at this point I was thinking I could hit the 2:15 hour mark… but I was proved wrong.

Miles 13 – 15.5 sucked!  I probably should have took another Stinger but I wasn’t thinking that far ahead.  The last 3 miles of the course were pretty rough and hit me really hard.  A lot of up and down.  These miles felt pretty terrible and ended up walking a few of the hills. Splits were 10’50”, 10’00” and 11’50”… ugh!  So much for the 2:15 mark.

My time ended up at 2:26:20 with a avg pace of 9’26”. 
I am pretty happy with this considering this is the first time I have ever done this.

I had a great time and met some new friends and I really enjoyed the trail. People in the trail running community are very kind and friendly. I will definitely be interested in running in this area again in the future.

15.63 miles
2:26:20 time
9’26” avg pace
elevation gain 1,397ft
elevation loss 1,393ft 

Thursday, March 29, 2012


Skipped yesterday's 4 mile run... was quite busy and just didn't get to it.  By the time evening rolled around, I sat down and didn't feel like getting up and out the door.

Morning runs are the best. I hate trying to fit it in any other time of the day, expect for maybe a late night run to unwind and clear my head.
Ran a quick 3 miles this morning.  I was amazed at my pace.  My running economy has drastically increased over the past few weeks.  This morning I just set out the front door and started running at a pace that felt great and sustainable but not super fast.  That first beep came and looked to check my watch and it was a 8'40" pace... WHAT THE...??  I felt great and just kept it going while my HR was hovering around my base aerobic rate of 144bpm.
Finished the 3 miles with a 8'42" avg pace.  I know these are road miles but this is crazy and exciting to see the progress.  I felt like I could have just kept going and run another 10+ miles like that.

3 more days until Sunday!!

3.21 miles
27:58 time
8'42" avg pace
avg HR 144bpm
max HR 163bpm

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

2012.03.26 & 27

Monday I ran to RPCC 2miles and the did one loop and ran back home 2miles.
6.21 miles total
59 minutes
9'34" avg pace
Avg HR 145bpm

Tuesday got out for a late night run.
A nice peaceful cool evening. Just did 5+ miles around the block.
9 of the 11 miles this week have been on pavement. It's just easier to run out my front door.
Killer pace... Didnt put on the HR monitor so not sure of effort but everything felt great and I felt like I could have gone all night. Nothing to intense or stressful.
5.27 miles
48:09 time
Avg Pace 9'08"